Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Humanities is the only department in Canada to offer interdisciplinary programs and courses that provide a comprehensive introduction to the Humanities as an integrated field of study. We are informed by a powerful vision of interdisciplinary study and research that few departments in North America can match. The Department is home to twelve undergraduate degree programs that give students the flexibility and diversity to pursue a range of subjects in the humanities or to focus in more concentrated thematic, regional or cultural areas.

This is what our students say about our programs and courses:

I love “the diversity of courses available. It allows the undergraduate to specialize in a variety of fields within the humanities in general. Each student can lean closer to philosophy, sociology, or literature as they see fit. No two Humanities graduates will have the same experience, which means that the upper level students always come from a diverse range of academic experience and thus have quite a bit to offer each other.”

The best thing about Humanities is “the fact that there is a program like this that helps one understand others and themselves. It also helps you to understand other cultures and critically analyze how society came to be.”

“I learned a variety of global perspectives in areas I was not familiar with before attending York.”

“All the professors are passionate about the subject they are teaching.”