Department of Humanities Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Department of Humanities Awards for Excellence in Teaching recognize and celebrate excellence in teaching practices that promote deep student engagement through innovative delivery of the Department's program learning outcomes.

They fall within three categories:

  • Teaching assistants (CUPE Unit 1) who have completed teaching in at least one 6-credit course in the Department of Humanities
  • Contract faculty (CUPE Unit 2) course directors or tutorial instructors who have completed teaching in at least 6 credits in the Department of Humanities
  • Full-time tenure-stream, tenured, or contractually limited appointments (CLAs) who have taught at least 30 credits but who have completed fewer than six years of teaching in the Department of Humanities

Nominations for these awards consist of:

  • Nomination letter (by any student or faculty member; maximum 750 words)
  • Summary of recent teaching evaluations (provided, with permission of the nominee, by the Department of Humanities)
  • Teaching dossier (provided by the nominee; maximum 10 pages)
  • Supporting letters from 2 students (maximum 500 words each)
  • Supporting letter from 1 faculty member (maximum 500 words)

Any student or faculty member familiar with someone’s teaching may make nominations. Award winners are chosen based on nomination materials received by the Department’s Teaching and Learning Committee. More than one award may be presented in a single category, but in some years (depending on nominations) awards may not be presented in all three categories.

Who are our recent award winners?

FW16/17 - Alison Halsall (Full Time Faculty)

FW16/17 - Mohamed Khimji (Contract Faculty) and Mark Terry (Teaching Assistant) & Roland Shainidze (Teaching Assistant)

FW15/16 - Kabita Chakraborty (Full Time Faculty)

FW15/16 - Gurbir Jolly (Contract Faculty) and Jason Hoult (Teaching Assistant)

FW12/13 - Janet Milo-Thaiss and Maxine Wood (Contract Faculty)

FW11/12 - Jacqueline Petropoulos (Contract Faculty); Tanhum Yoreh (Teaching Assistant)

FW10/11 - Ryan Wei (Contract Faculty);  Lee Danes (Teaching Assistant)

FW09/10 - Roger Fisher and Danny O'Rourke-DiCarlo (Contract Faculty); Inga Untiks (Teaching Assistant)

FW08/09 Deborah Clipperton (Contract Faculty); Jason Michelakos (Teaching Assistant)

FW07/08 - Jennifer Duncan (Contract Faculty); Candace Iron (Teaching Assistant)