1000 Level Courses (Not General Education Courses)

AP/HUMA 1953 6.00 Canadian Writers in Person EVENING COURSE


Explores the works of 11 contemporary Canadian writers who give in class readings and respond to questions about their work.  Explores the concerns and voices of a new generation of Canadian authors and gives students opportunities to develop their own writing voices.

COURSE DIRECTORS: L. Sanders & G. Vanstone

AP/CCY 1999 6.00 Introduction to Children, Childhood and Youth Studies

This course introduces students to the field of Children, Childhood & Youth studies. It includes the historical, developmental, anthropological, sociological, and sociocultural approaches that have governed and continue to govern the study of children, childhood and youth. It reviews varied methodological approaches to this growing field. This course focuses on issues around discourses of the rights and power of children and youth and the "new childhood paradigm" in academic disciplines.

Course Director: A. Halsall

RESERVED SPACES: All spaces are reserved for New Year 1 CCY majors.

Course Credit Exclusion: HUMA 1970 9.0 and 6.0