Absence During Fall/Winter Terms

Whether you teach alone or with others, if you anticipate being away during the teaching portion of the academic year, you must first discuss arrangements with the Chair and have formal permission for each and every such leave. Each term is normally scheduled for 12 weeks and the Dean expects that classes will be met for the full term.

Note: If you are ill and unable to meet classes, call 416-736-5158 as soon as possible and speak in-person to the staff member on duty, in order that we might suitably notify students. If you're involved in a team taught course you must also notify the Course Director who will attempt to arrange alternate coverage of your lectures and/or groups. If alternate coverage is not possible, be prepared to discuss with students the means for making up the missed time. Students are entitled to a full complement of classroom hours for each course, and you are responsible for ensuring that the full complement indeed occurs.

Office Hours

Please advise your students and your course secretary during the first week of classes of your office hours. A timetable sheet is distributed each year, which is to be completed and returned (before classes begin) to the Student and Program Support Representative, Room 262 Vanier College.

On it, note your office hours, your teaching hours and your known committee work. As this changes during the year, update your timetable with the Department Representative. If at any time during the year you cannot meet any of the announced office hours, please advise your course secretary. It is the responsibility of each instructor to keep students and our support staff informed.

Department and Committee Meetings

All faculty are expected to participate in the life and work of the Department. All contract faculty are encouraged to participate as fully as possible. Departmental meetings are generally held the first available Monday in each month in the 2:30-4:30 period, and departmental committees frequently use the same period on other Mondays.

No Humanities course will be scheduled at that time and we strongly encourage cross-appointed faculty to keep this same time slot free. Notices of Department meetings are sent to all full-time and contract faculty. Copies of the minutes are on file in the Department's offices for reference by any faculty member.

Secretarial Assistance

Course work takes priority over all other work. Please direct your request for any other work to the Administrative Assistant. Course secretaries are not to be asked to handle waiting lists, nor to collect or return essays/exams to students.


The Department supplies envelopes and letterhead stationary for the fulfillment of professional duties on request.

Course Kits

The York University Bookstore is the main supplier of course kits on campus. All faculty should contact the York University Bookstore to arrange for the production of course kits as needed. To ensure your order is ready before your first class, the bookstore requires you to submit your order eight weeks prior to the beginning of the term. Be sure to include the following in your order:

  • A complete Course Kit Order Form
  • A Copyright Information Form or Bibliographic Information list
  • Photocopies of all new material

Links to all relevant forms are available on the York University Bookstore webpage.


Faculty may reserve visual and audio materials for classroom use from the Sound and Moving Images Library (SMIL, 125 Scott Library, 416-736-5508) by using the form available on the Library webpage. You may also submit your request to your course secretary. All requests require a minimum of five business days (excluding weekends) for processing and your library card number. If the reservation is being made by your course secretary, provide as much information as possible (e.g. title, director, video number, film number, CD number, format etc.).

Please note that visual and audio materials are no longer delivered directly to your lecture hall and/or tutorial. Please arrange to pick up reserved materials from one of the following four locations:

  • SMIL, Scott Library, RM 125
  • Bronfman Library, Schulich School of Business, 2nd floor
  • Steacie Science and Engineering Library
  • Frost Library, Glendon campus

Material reserved for classroom showing are ready for pickup the day before the showing and due back the day following the showing, unless other arrangements have been made. If you are not in a smart room and need classroom equipment, please ask your  course secretary to request this using the Classroom Equipment Ordering System.  Again, all orders must be in the system five business days before the equipment is needed.


Please note that all long distance calls at departmental expense require prior approval. Our budget can cover costs only for strictly Department business, and not calls for personal or research purposes. All unapproved long distance calls from individual office phones will be charged to the office resident monthly.


Please contact your course secretary to send a fax. All long distance faxes are recorded and charged to faculty members. Faculty members sending committee and/or departmental related faxes will not be charged.

Conference Funding

YUFA faculty members (tenure-stream, CLA, SRC, etc. but excluding visiting professors) or those designated Senior Scholars may apply to the Department for funding to travel to conferences through the LA&PS YUFA Conference Travel Fund. Please submit a signed application form to the Department Chair.

YUFA members who are cross-appointed between two Departments in LA&PS should apply to the unit that claims more than 50% of their time. Those with a 50-50 split between two LA&PS units should apply to the unit that is identified as their home unit in the ARMs system.

Normally, applications should be submitted at least one month in advance of the conference date. An annual cumulative cap will apply, subject to the availability of funds. The May 2016 - April 2017 cap for the Department of Humanities is $700.00. Funding may be used to cover costs related to travel, accommodation, registration fees, and meals. Claims for reimbursement of expenses with receipts must be submitted through the Concur system within 6 months of return from travel. The conference attended must relate directly to the faculty member's area of research or teaching.

Faculty members may also apply for a SSHRC Grant in Aid of Travel or a York Ad Hoc Travel Grant through the Office of Research Services.