Appendix B

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Division of Humanities

Prepared May 1996 by Susan J. Warwick


Ex offico Member of the Executive and Curriculum/Teaching Committees

  • Attend all meetings

Humanities Majors and Minors

  • Advise all new Majors and Minors
  • Complete and sign Change of Major/Minor forms for Registrar's Office

Student Advising

  • Ongoing advising throughout year
  • Co ordinate and oversee Spring advising for Majors and Minors

Student Complaints

  • Handle all complaints according to Divisional procedures

Academic Dishonesty

  • Advise faculty re: policies and procedures
  • Assist Chair with processing of individual cases

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Essay Prize Competition

  • Solicit nominated essays
  • Arrange for Judges for each year level
  • Forward nominated essays to Faculty Committee

Registrar's Office

  • Handle Letters of Permission, Degree Equivalencies, Petitions

Information Sessions/Materials

  • Attend scheduled Information and Advising Sessions
  • Handle requests for Divisional materials

Responsibilities in conjunction with the Administrative Assistant

All Cupe Matters

  • Postings
  • 28 day letters
  • Offers of Appointment
  • Queries/Grievances
  • Contracts

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Course Evaluations

  • Organize distribution of forms to Divisional Faculty
  • Distribute results upon receipt from Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies