Appendix A

Criteria and Procedures for recommending a Chair of Humanities

(Based on Criteria and Procedures approved October, 1992, revised March 5, 2010, January 23, 2012 and October 19, 2015).

The tenure of the new Chair will begin on July 1 and continue for a period of three years, renewable for two or more by joint agreement of the Chair and Dean at that time on the recommendation of the Executive of the Department. The election of the Chair designate should be completed before the end of December. Whenever possible, the Chair will inform the Executive Committee at least one year before the actual end of her/his term and request that they advise the Nominating Committee to prepare a list of nominations for the Search Committee for the New Chair.

The Chair will also ask the Executive Committee to request the Dean to name his/her representative to that committee. This list is to be presented for approval and voting to the full council of the Department. Once constituted, that committee will present to the council for discussion and approval, its recommended procedures. The Chair is ex officio member of each and every committee of the Department except the Search Committee for the New Chair.


  • Experience in the teaching of Humanities courses at York.
  • Clear commitment to the purposes and interests of the Department and ability to represent and defend these as necessary.
  • Familiarity with the curriculum and organization of the Department.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness as an administrator who would be sensitive to the needs and interests of members of the Department (faculty and support staff), and of students.
  • Ability to work in effective cooperation with other administrative components on the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the rest of the university.
  • Commitment to higher education in Canada.
  • Tenured, with a full or joint appointed position in a Humanities unit at York.
  • At least three years at York University as a Faculty member.


  • Opportunity will be given to full and contract faculty and support staff in the Department, and to students taking programs in Humanities, to propose names, ranking if desired, more than one nomination in preferential order.
  • In the light of these nominations and of the criteria approved by the Department, the Committee will produce a long list of eligible candidates for whom there is reasonable support.
  • Members of the Committee will consult with the persons on the long list to determine their willingness to be considered for the position; following their responses, a short list will be determined.
  • The Committee shall then consult with the Program Coordinators and the Dean of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • The Committee shall then finalize the short list of candidates and report to the Department, inviting responses from all permanent and contract faculty members of the Department, members of the Humanities support staff, and students enrolled in programs in the Department of Humanities.
  • The Committee will submit one or more names to all members of the Department eligible to vote, to choose by secret email ballot the candidate whose name will be recommended to the Dean.
  • Those eligible to vote are full- and joint- appointments to the Department and CUPE II faculty members who have normally been Course Directors in the Department in each of the previous five years at the time of the election of the new Chair.
  • If there is a single candidate, ratification will be via a simple yes/no vote. If there are two, simple majority will prevail. In the case of a tie vote, the Search Committee will make a final recommendation to the Dean. If there are more than two candidates, voting will be preferential: 3 (most favoured), 2 (next favoured), 1 (least favoured) in the case of three candidates, 4, 3, 2, 1 in the case of four, etc. All candidates must be ranked: failure to do so will mean a spoiled ballot.
  • After following Departmental procedures concerning the ultimate selection process, the Search Committee shall report its results to the Dean who shall then appoint the Departmental Chair.


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