1000 Level Courses (Not General Education Courses)

AP/HUMA 1953 6.00 Canadian Writers in Person EVENING COURSE


Explores the works of 11 contemporary Canadian writers who give in class readings and respond to questions about their work.  Explores the concerns and voices of a new generation of Canadian authors and gives students opportunities to develop their own writing voices.

COURSE DIRECTORS: L. Sanders & G.Vanstone

PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusions: AK/EN 1000A 6.0 (taken between Fall/Winter 1999-2000 and Fall/Winter 2000-2001), AK/EN 1953 6.00.

AP/HUMA 1970 6.00 The Worlds of Childhood

NOTE: This course is the first-year, required core course in the Children’s Studies Program.  To enter, continue in, and graduate from the Children’s Studies Program as majors or minors, students require at least a “B” grade in this course

 The course combines weekly two-hour lectures with one-hour small group tutorials.  Lectures introduce students to the key formal and thematic features of the weekly course readings at hand.  Students will be shown how to analyze theories of childhood and youth cultures using appropriate analytical vocabulary.  There will be instruction in the particular ways such analysis may be expressed verbally (through oral presentations and in-class discussion) and in writing, as well as in the fundamentals of academic writing (research and proper citation).  Tutorials offer opportunities to discuss the texts in small groups and to apply the critical skills learned in lecture.  Writing assignments will support the development of students’ understanding of the texts, the writing process, the development of a persuasive argument, effective research, and proper citation.

Students are also responsible for assigned short readings and other critical materials, which will be made available through the course Moodle site or are on reserve in the library.

Course Director: C. Cowdy

RESERVED SPACES: All spaces are reserved for Children’s Studies Majors and Minors.

Course Credit Exclusion: AP/HUMA 1970 9.0

PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusion: AS/HUMA 1970 9.00.